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Cannes Lions announces seven nonprofits have received donations through the Sustainable Development Goals Lions’ entry fees

PARIS/12.12.2023: Cannes Lions has announced that the entry fees from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Lions 2023, totaling €267,065, have been donated to seven Lion-winning charities, including a donation made in memory of Dan Wieden to Caldera Arts, the arts and environmental charity he founded with his family.

Launched in 2018, in partnership with the United Nations, the SDG Lions celebrate creative work that actively supports the advancement of the Goals. Each Lion-winning nonprofit actively supports these ambitions, and the donations made through award entries go towards supporting vital projects worldwide, which is part of the Festival’s ongoing commitment to driving action on sustainability.

Since 2015, Cannes Lions has donated over €2 million through the SDG Lions and Glass: The Lion for Change awards combined.

Simon Cook, CEO, LIONS, said, "The breadth of these Lion-winning nonprofits that encompass two climate action charities, as well as those that are tackling Reduced Inequalities, Hunger, Good Health and Well-being, and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, demonstrate the power of creativity to drive vital action towards meeting the Global Goals. We hope the donations make a tangible and lasting difference. We’re also delighted to be able to recognise Dan Weiden’s work with young people through Caldera Arts with a special donation made in his memory."