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NEWSBROKER® is a privately owned and independent public relations agency. We have worked successfully in the public relations sector for over nine years with a flexible team with both national and international experience.
From 2003, we have presented our range of services under the international registered name of NEWSBROKER®.
This expresses the core of our philosophy perfectly: we see ourselves as creator, initiator and communicator of news - from information, we make news.

For communication to function, it is vital that the message reaches the desired recipient. Media editorial staff are flooded with hundreds of press releases everyday. To be noticed news must be communicated in a suitable way. This is exactly what NEWSBROKER does best. We make your information into news. In this way we achieve our goal quickly and efficiently: to shape opinions as you want them shaped.

Exclusively traditional PR services have not been up to that job for many years. Our services go into action at a much earlier stage: as communication consultants we work with you to frame a communication strategy - and in so doing work out how to create your desired public image. We always see our work in relation to your company strategy and your marketing concept and base our action on strategic communication.

NEWSBROKER was founded by a former journalist and, as such, has first-hand expertise on communicating information in a precise manner so it will have maximum impact with its target audience. NEWSBROKER prides itself on its ability to transform its clients' information into newsworthy stories that deliver widespread exposure within their target markets and have relevance with key media. Our philosophy is, ‘No gossip, just news’

Global Reach
We provide international PR services by maintaining close-knit working relationships and affiliations with professional international partners - with emphasis on German speaking countries, France, Italy, Eastern Europe and the USA. Thus, our clients can depend on an international close-knit network of contacts and we are able to offer both our clients and the media a wealth of experience combined with a personal approach to each account.

We take care of a steadily growing and longstanding relationship with our clients - local, national or global - who have confidence in our personal communication strategy and who draw on our wide range of press distributors and contacts - in the areas of economics, the media, society and lifestyle.

For more than nine years, we have helped clients gain traction in their target markets via strategic campaigns and our relationships with top media outlets worldwide. We have created successful campaigns for clients as diverse as Fortune 500 corporations, middle size companies, and startups.

Petra Steinke, founder and president has 12 years multicultural experience in Journalism (specialized fields lifestyle and luxury travel for high-class economics magazines), Public Relations, Sales and Marketing. Her experience with corporations in media, publishing, consumer goods, and pharmacy, positions her to execute in a wide variety of industry sectors. With unique experiences that cover international markets such as German, Italian, Austrian, French and North American Markets, her detailed skills at developing the right PR campaign is incomparable. She spent three years in Italy (Milan, Turin) on the client side, as Sales & District manager for the German hard-discounter Lidl srl. as well as working on a BA Degree in Science of Italian Literature and Linguistics on the University of Bologna. Petra Steinke obtained her Master’s Degree in Science of German and Italian Literature and Education from Münster University, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. She then completed a one-year postgraduate study in the field of Marketing, Finance and Accounting at the Economic University of Vienna, Austria.