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Abbott Diagnostics Austria
© ABBOTT Diagnostics 

Abbott Diagnostics is a global leader in invitro diagnostics, with expertise in cardiac, metabolic and renal testing. Abbott’s comprehensive portfolio of cardiac tests includes biomarkers that help thousands of labs and doctors around the world to diagnose and assess heart failure and myocardial infarction. With more than 74,000 institutional customers in more than 150 countries, 
ERGO Direkt Lebensversicherung AG
© ERGO Direkt 

Since 1992, the Austrian ERGO Direkt Lebensversicherung AG - former Quelle Lebensversicherung AG Austria - managed over 40,000 insurance contracts with a premium revenue of about EUR 13,6 million and an aggregate sum assured of over EUR 581 million. 
PG – The Corporate Publishing Group GmbH
© cpg  PG – The Corporate Publishing Group GmbH (CPG for short) is a leader in the printed business communications’ market. The agency was established in May 2001 with the intention of combining, for the first time in Austria, specific know-how in corporate publishing (client and staff newspapers, documentation, company reports, company presentation material and other kinds of printed company communications) – thereby bringing the international boom in the corporate publishing market to Austria. 
ABBOTT Diabetes Care
© ABBOTT Diabetes Care 

The product division Abbott Diabetes Care provides a wide range of monitoring instruments and services to diabetes patients. Abbott Diabetes Care Austria was founded in 1989. 
medianet Verlag AG
© medianet  Live aus Cannes berichten wir für medianet marketing und medien direkt vom größten Kreativfestival der Welt Cannes Lions oder der Messe für audiovisuelle Inhalte mipcom. medianet ist eine vollwertige Business to Business-Fachzeitung mit einem Umfang von 32 bis 112 Seiten (Freitag). medianet erscheint 2 Mal die Woche in Print Dienstag und Freitag. Dienstag in einer Auflage von 15.000 Exemplaren und am Freitag in einer Auflage von 20.000 Exemplaren. Das verlegerische Konzept, einen Wirtschaftssektor mit hochqualifizierter, täglich aktueller Fachinformation zu versorgen, setzte neue Maßstäbe im Fachjournalismus. ist eines der größten Online-Wirtschaftsportale in Österreich. Entscheidungsträger informieren sich täglich in 13 aktuellen Themenchannels über die wichtigsten B2B News. Digital Papers mit den Spezialthemen Marketing & Medien, Automotive, Destination, Finance & Real Estate, Health:Economy, Career, Retail, Technology und Industrial Technology runden den breiten Informationsfluss von ab. 
ET Multimedia AG
© ET Multimedia AG  ET Multimedia AG, established in 1991 as Wirtschafts-Printmedien GmbH, is Austria’s biggest specialist journal and second biggest magazine publisher. In 2002, the company’s turnover was €40 million. With wide-ranging skills in economy-related media (WirtschaftsBlatt, Business People, WQ etc.) high-quality specialist lifestyle magazines (Wienerin, Wiener, Diva, Miss, Skip etc.) the firm is the market leader in many fields. 
ACT Responsible
© ACT Responsible 

NEWSBROKER is delighted to be an ACTive partner for ACT Responsible initiative. ACT Responsible - Advertising Community Together - is a non-profit initiative pioneered in 2001 by employees. Its goal is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development and social responsibility. Showcasing images ranging from environmental to social issues, the ACT Responsible Expo illustrates the main themes of sustainable development, giving the general public a comprehensive access to these issues. Exhibitions have already been held in Cannes Lions Festival, Advertising Weeks in New York, Paris, Athens, the World Economic Forum in Davos, IAA Congresses in Washington Dubai, Beijing, and various events in London, Milan, Valencia, Brussels, Portoroz, Warsaw, Bucharest, Vienna, Amman, Koweit City, Karachi, Seattle, Seoul, Santiago de Chile and Porto Alegre. The Expo has been shown worldwide at 17 exhibitions at International Advertising Festivals, congresses and public events in 10 countries, seen by 14,000 visitors. 
Studioz IDrream Entertainment Private Limited
© iDream Production Pvt. Ltd.  Studioz IDrream Entertainment Private Limited (former iDream Production) is a leading film production company with headquartered in Mumbai. It has created a brand for producing & distributing quality entertainment content not only in India but also worldwide.
iDream had been involved in the distribution of films include "Monsoon Wedding", "Bollywood/ Hollywood" and "Bend It Like Beckham"- and achieved rare commercial success. 
Enco Gmbh
© Enco GmbH  Since the year 2000 the saxonian company ENCO Automobilbau & Tuning stands for individual vehicle design, competence and high quality in development and production of stainless steel exhaust systems for vehicles. Caused by a big demand for optimization of vehicles ENCO has developed to an absolute tuning specialist.  
Diners Club Magazin
© Diners Club Magazin  The DINERS CLUB MAGAZINE just celebrated its 30th anniversary in November of 2004, providing its readers - the european cosmopolitan - with all information needed for highest quality and pleasures of life.
As a High-Class-Magazine for the first credit card of the world the DINERS CLUB MAGAZINE is the platform of Diners Club Austria to the Diners Club Partners and credit card holders.
DINERS CLUB MAGAZINE is published since January 2005 by MediaUnit Verlags GmbH five times a year in edition of 176.300. 
© Ximes  Das österreichische Beratungsunternehmen XIMES bietet seit 12 Jahren Beratungsleistungen und Software rund um das Thema Arbeitszeit an. Durch die hohe Spezialisierung und die erprobte Verbindung von Software und Beratung verfügt XIMES über hohe Kompetenz im Bereich Arbeitszeitmanagement und führt Consulting Projekte ebenso durch wie Ausbildungslehrgänge, Schulungen und Inhouse-Seminare. 
AGORA Einstein
© agora EINSTEIN 

Standing as a technological and environmental showcase of the CARI Group, the AGORA Einstein launches a range of professional meetings to bring light on current solutions in areas focusing on Sustainability.
Based in Carros in the Alpes-Maritimes, the national construction company CARI made a turnover of Mio. €350 with 1,300 employees in 2011.

Mental Mind < brain >stickers® Company eta, inc.
© brainstickers  Ed Thomas, CEO of the mental, mind, < brain >stickers®, company, eta, inc. in Los Angeles, produces so-called < brain >stickers® affirmations, ("You stick them in your brain, not on it!").
The < brain >stickers® are imprinted like ’etched glass’ on clear, static cling vinyl, intended for windshields, mirrors, and windows. They keep people non consciously aware of the message, and the recall effect is significantly greater.
Thomas is also Co-organiser of the 25th anniversary of the legendary ARTboard Festival, organised by the Eyes & Ears Foundation, a non profit, public benefit corporation of artists and writers.
The object of the new show is to help prevent aggressive driving.
Under the slogan "What, Me Hurry?" - "I AM A COURTEOUS & CONSIDERATE DRIVER", the campaign makes an appeal to drivers to remember consideration in traffic and a courteous co-existence.
As a play on the, "What, Me Worry?" used by Alfred E., the Eyes and Ears Foundation propose to ask, "What, Me Hurry?." Each artist´s rendering of the aged character would then be combined with the "I AM A COURTEOUS & CONSIDERATE DRIVER" < brain >sticker® affirmation for the Eyes and Ears Foundation´s ARTboard Festival.
© ponchisimo    
Akademie für Sprechkunst und Schauspiel
© Akademie für Schauspiel und Sprechkunst 

The ‘Akademie für Sprechkunst und Schauspiel’ is a full-service, internationally focused speech and acting school located in Vienna, and fully owned by Karoline Ehrlich. She is a writer, actress and instructor of acting, speech and accent reduction. The school provides various services, which are not offered by any speech and acting school in Vienna.
The ‘Akademie für Sprechkunst und Schauspiel’ offers a very focused product range (i.e. breathing technique, speech training, rhetoric and personality coaching, camera technique, voice modification) to business executives and business people only.
The school is furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship and will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.
The techniques taught in this part are based on the “Hollywood Acting Method®” which the owner has learned from some of the best teachers at the International School of Film Acting in Los Angeles, C.A.


Guhry Innenraumdesign
©guhry  The interior designer Tanja Guhry, with her company Guhry Innenraumdesign in Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria, is a market player focussing on interior design and furnishings for both the property developer and the private householder. Step by step, Tanja Guhry helps her clients on the way to a new feeling of well-being. The prerequisite for all design work and the creation of the living spaces and dreams of her clients is tailor-made expert advice. The successful interior decorating specialist, Tanja Guhry, imparts a sense of living environment with an individual character.